I’m coming into the final week of my project. Included in todays post are directions for the next couple days. I am excited to dedicate a day to really watch my culture and the mystery behind its growth, smell, and crust formation. For today’s observations, I saw nothing out of the ordinary. It smelled like it should, and it looked like it should. Hopefully this week I’ll see something exciting.



In the next few days, you will also be repeating the routine of DAY 5, but you will be picking a day in your schedule where you will have some more time to monitor your culture. On this particular day, you will check on your culture hourly after you have replenished it with fresh flour and water. Describe what you see. Is the volume of the culture expanding/contracting?If so, how much (i.e. has it doubled in size? collapsed?) If possible, post

hourly photos of your culture showing the expansion/contraction.