My specific direction are to proceed if I saw gas bubbles. One picture shows a great view in front of the light that really highlights these so called gas bubbles.

For the project I am required to post photos of the crust, but today was such an interesting day for my culture that I felt the need to post multiple pictures. In some of the pictures, you can see me pulling off the so called “crust.”

Now that my culture is “crust-free,” my culture will start a new Journey. Time to say bye to its old bowl and into a new one.

Transfer approximately 1 teaspoon of the culture at the bottom into a new small, clear bowl. Add 2 tablespoons of flour mix. Slowly add lukewarm water while mixing with your bare hands to make a paste. The final consistency should be like a smooth cake or pancake batter. Cover the bowl with a kitchen towel. Incubate it in a cool, dark corner in your kitchen for 1 day. Post a photo of the crust being pulled back.