Alright guys, for the next two weeks, you will be following me on my journey of following my passion and becoming an artisan sourdough baker… Just kidding. This project is going to be for my Microbiology 151 class at Cal State La. Earlier today, I learned the word “INOCULATION” which basically means to implant or introduce something (in this case bacteria from my hands) into another thing (my flour).

My procedure today was to grab two tablespoons of my flower mix (1 cup of bread flour and 1 cup of whole wheat flour) and mix it into a clear bowl with lukewarm water until it yielded a consistency of pancake batter. Having made pancake batter ONCE in my life, I did my best to remember how it felt. Surely enough, google provided examples of what it should look like.

My first attempt was a huge fail. I added too much water. But when you fail, you gotta pick yourself up and do it again.

My second attempt was a lot better. The mix however did get caught up on my hand and the product in the bowl looked smaller than anticipated. Nevertheless, I finished mixing it and covered it up with a towel, put it in my kitchen corner. My hypothesis is that it is going to grow in size.